Light Gauge Steel Framing

Based on the realization that construction must and will become different, we have been active for several years in supplying a prefab building system that is ideal for use in residential construction and also for apartments. With this we want to emphasize the greater design freedom and free choice of aesthetic shell.

The parts are delivered separately or assembled and then set up together as a complete house or apartment building. A topping above a garage or flat is also possible due to the low weight.

Why steel frame?

  • Industrial building system
  • Distinctive construction method (niche)
  • Accurate measurements due to industrial and conditioned production
  • Controlled quality due to industrial process
  • Freedom in design
  • Rapid on-site construction
  • Good price perspective in terms of Total Cost and Return on Investment
  • High insulation = low energy and good comfort
  • Earthquake-resistant as a standard!


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